Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ba deep ba deep ba deep.

That's the sound me and my brothers make when we're watching something on the DVR, and the person in charge of the remote neglects to fast forward through the commercials.  That's the sound that the DVR makes, you see.


It's been a couple months. 

And it might be time to call it with this page anyway.  Instead, I'm thinking about starting up a new one--one that'll hopefully be more focused, one that I actually devote time towards.  Not that I didn't with this one... but most of the time I just churned out whatever was at the top of my head.  Hoping to not do that this go round.  Although who knows... maybe coming up with things off the top of my head is my specialty. 

Maybe I'll keep this around as a more personal thing.  Maybe not.  The problem is that I use my other Gmail account way more than the one I use this for, so it's a bit of a pain to log in and out between the two accounts.  (This would be the point in which I would "#firstworldproblems," but I'm not going to do that... because I don't want to sound like a person from the internet.)

Anyway, a lot of stuff happened since I last wrote.  Mainly the Olympics.  And Romney betrayed T-Paw by giving the VP spot to someone else, thereby conceding the election.  (You might say that T-Paw wouldn't have made a difference either.  My response to that: you don't know what a beacon of charisma T-Paw can be.)  I moved... and got a new laptop.  And helped someone else move.  Mainly, my mind has been elsewhere. 

Did you know that the year is already half over?  And that we're about to make it to 2013, provided we don't blow up, or whatever the hell nutjobs expect to happen once the Mayan calendar ends?  I'm going to be 26 next year.  What happened?

I don't know.

Anyway, this is my funny way of saying that I'm going to try to start writing again.