Friday, April 27, 2012

So I was in the ER this afternoon.

My intention was to go to an urgent care, but it was decided that I should get something checked out while out and about.  And... through the lack of internet and its ability to tell us of our nearest urgent care, and getting some faulty information... we ended up in an ER instead.

(I'm theoretically OK, for the record.  I've had issues with pains in my chest area before, and each time it wasn't heart related.  But this time I was having on-and-off chest pains combined with heartburn and tingling/numbness on my left side, specifically in my left arm.  And Google searches cited those as possible symptoms for heart attacks and strokes, so... probably a decent idea to check, even if you're reasonably sure it's not going to be that severe.)

They hooked me up to this monitor thing that kept track of my pulse and everything, which they said would allow them to track how I was doing outside the room.  Sounded good, I suppose.  The only problem is that every so often the monitor was making noises.  Loud noises.  Loud, "quick, something is going terribly wrong" noises.

I'm gonna try and duplicate it the best that I can.  They went something like this.






And then it would stop.  And start 30 seconds/1 minute/7 minutes later, varying in length each time. 

I could figure out what it was beeping for.  It was for the number that was right below my pulse, and it started beeping once it went over 2.0.  But I couldn't figure out what that number was for, or why it was beeping.  I assumed it had something to do with my pulse, but I couldn't be sure how... all I knew is that it kept beeping loudly.  And that must have meant that I was in some form of danger.

Minutes have passed by, and not a single nurse or doctor has come to check on me/help with whatever's causing that incessant beep.  I could theoretically call them and ask them to help me with the use of my bedside remote, but I can hear an echoing beep coming from outside the room as well, so they can obviously hear it as well.  Which means that either the beeping has no real significance... or they are deliberately ignoring it.  And I'm dying, I don't know why, and I have bunch of doctors who would rather watch me slowly die.  So basically, it's probably the latter.

If this were a movie, and I suddenly came to this realization... I'd probably rip everything they had hooked to my body, storm out of the room and start kicking some doctor ass.  In real life, though... I was pretty powerless.  So I just gave the monitor the good old middle finger whenever it started beeping again.  It was a little cathartic.

Eventually I was seen to, and it was decided that nothing was seriously wrong.  And I asked what the beeping was for--and was told it wasn't important.  Which I guess I could have figured... but they didn't tell me why it was beeping in the first place.

Which probably means that I'm still secretly dying, and the doctors (or maybe a secret organization in cahoots with the doctors) don't want me to know. 

So... damn.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm still around

Going through a phase where I'm questioning whether or not I want to continue with this page, and if so... if I want to replace it with a newer/more specified blog... or just quit the whole thing all together.

I would, however, like to say that the "Vikings threatening to move" story isn't hitting me the way that I thought it would.  I thought I'd be devastated at the thought, fearing for my favorite team... that whole shebang.

Instead, I'm just resigned.  It's going to happen.  The worst part is that it's going to happen not because of a greedy owner or some outside force demanding the team to LA, like I sort of imagined... but because of politics, and two sides who'd rather blame the other side for losing the team rather than doing anything substantial to get the damn thing done.  (Of course, this is what politics is, and much more serious matters have not gotten done just because the other side wants to use the blame game into a couple more votes.)

It's kind of why I'm always torn on whether or not I should actually vote.  I know the arguments for voting and all, but then all the petty bickering gets in the way of actually getting work done--and I'd feel I'd be participating in a huge sham, which makes me feel dirty.

I don't know.  The Vikings are going to leave.  Everything revolving around Minnesota sports is miserable right now (well, I guess the Twins actually split a series with the Yankees... so they won two more games than I was expecting.)

Other things going on right now:
-Levon Helm of The Band died yesterday.  Vocalist (maybe the best singer in a group filled with a lot of them), drummer, possessor of an awesome beard... and the coolest guy in The Band, judging by The Last Waltz documentary.  I don't know why, but I always imagined myself meeting him one day, thanking him for being a cool person.  And then he'd thank me, and we'd become pen pals or something.  I don't know why I'm sharing this right now.

The worst part was that the death came two days after it was announced that he was indeed dying from cancer.  It happened with Harmon Killebrew as well (although I think in Harmon's case, he actually wrote the announcement rather than the family).  I guess it just feels like after such an announcement/farewell to the world, you should deserve a good few last weeks/months on Earth to spend time with and say goodbye to your family.  I guess it doesn't work that way.

Also, I keep saying that I hate it when I see people posting/reminiscing about recently deceased celebrities, because it always seemed phony to pretend you cared about someone like... say, Whitney Houston.  But then a celebrity I actually like passes away, I legitimately get sad.  So maybe I shouldn't be so damn judgmental.

I haven't been doing much else as of late.   Sort of in the routine of things right now... but actually enjoying the routine for a change.  Been playing a lot of games.  Not the big Mass Effect 3s of the world, but smaller ones that I find for $1-5... or sometimes free.  It's a little nice, in that it makes me feel like I'm supporting a small developer instead of the big corporate behemoths that the gaming industry is littered with... but I'm not really, because I just buy the damn games when they're at their cheapest.  But still.  It's a good feeling even if it's a lie.

I might be going to a Pokemon art exhibit tonight.  That's exciting.  Either that or go see Cabin In The Woods again.  Probably Pokemon though.

Cabin In The Woods was one of those things that I thought about writing a post for--then just let it slip away because I felt I had nothing interesting to say.  Especially with this movie--because there's already a strong desire not to reveal anything about it (cause it was apparently better knowing nothing about it--although, granted, it turned out to be 100% true)--I can't say "it's a great movie even though I can't reveal what makes it great" without feeling like a fraud of some sort.

Happy April, by the way.

Also, Joe... quite down for a Saints game at some point this summer.  (Or even the Twins...)  Let me know when you're back in the cities.