Thursday, October 28, 2010

I like some Belle & Sebastian every once in a while. Not necessarily a huge fan, and if I'm going to turn on something by them nine times out of ten it's something from If You're Feeling Sinister. And most of their latest stuff hasn't done much for me, but there's always this one song that if I were to look at it discerningly, I would be fairly dismissive... but yet I can't help myself. This is one of those songs:

Kind of awesome, right? I mean, if your mom's favorite band wrote this song, you'd hate it and all... but you'd be wrong and eventually you'd realize that.

Anyway. Apparently the band's put out a new album (it's called "Write About Love".... which is a stupid title. So much that I'm not going to explain how stupid it is but just assume that you are in complete agreement with me), which I didn't really have any anticipation for (probably because of the title), but then I heard the song in the first video above on The Current. And then I thought, "hey, this isn't bad," which transformed about 4 minutes into the song to "hey, this is pretty good!" And then I thought about looking it up on YouTube and here we are.

By the way, I've had a lot of good luck with The Current as of late. As in, when I've listened to them, they haven't been playing soft indie folk all the f'n time, which constitutes as a victory, I suppose. And I didn't hear a single Mumford & Sons song.

I don't know if you guys have heard of the band, but believe me, the fact that I didn't hear them qualifies as a miracle. Seriously, I may have read about the band once or twice on a couple of occasions browsing various sites or whatever, but The Current hypes them as if it's 1964 and the Beatles just arrived in the US or something (it might have been 1963 in which the Beatles came across the sea, but I can't be bothered to look).

I should probably get to sleep, since I need to wake up at 8... and I haven't been sleeping as well as of late... and I'm sick....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I was at the Mall of America the other day, killing time one way or another, when I saw a T-shirt. It was a Vikings shirt, one right off the heels of Randy Moss getting traded back to the team and designed in the hopes of being those witty t-shirts with funny sayings and crap. It went something like this:

be kidding me!
4 + 84 is
simply FAVRELOUS!!"

Few things:

1) I would like to think this is the worst t-shirt ever made.
2) In case you didn't get it, 4 and 84 are the numbers of Brett Favre and Randy Moss. Who play on the same team.
3) I would like to think that this was the result of some bigwig thinking that this was the funniest thing he's ever thought of, and despite the protests of everyone else, decided that this t-shirt would sell like f'n hotcakes. And thus, they proudly display it in their window, knowing that every day a mad rush would result from the knowledge that indeed, this store carries the funniest t-shirt of all time.
4) I don't know how many people have heard this, but when a sporting event occurs (say... the Super Bowl) and a team wins, they generally conveniently have t-shirts that proudly display that they are indeed the Super Bowl champions. Of course, they don't just print these as soon as the clock runs down, so that means they generally have to create "Super Bowl champions" t-shirts for each team. Anyway, the winning team usually has their championship t-shirt go on sale the next day, while the losing team... they usually have their shirts sent to third world countries since they can't really sell them off in America (although I'm pretty sure every irony-laden youngin' would have at least one in their closet, but that somehow remains an untapped market for sports memorabilia).

The reason I bring this all up is that Favre has a good chance of getting himself killed this week. He most likely has about 16 injuries at this point, including a noticeable limp, and pretty much the defense can smell it and will pretty much stop at nothing to make sure Brett Favre dies on field.

Which would make all these t-shirts irrelevant. And after all these Mall of America stores have sold exactly zero copies of the shirt, they too will ship the excess copies all off to Africa, where some kids in Malawi who grew up thinking the Bears beat the Colts in Super Bowl XLI will also think that 4 + 84 equals favrelous. (I guess it really isn't the same as sending off the Super Bowl loser shirts, since technically 4 + 84 has equaled favrelous about 12 times for 166 yards, but still).

Believe me, this would be a good thing (you know, for reasons other than my hypothetical situation involving kids in Malawi coming in possession of clothing). Brett Favre needs to go down. Let's list the reasons:

1) I hate Brett Favre.
2) He's been pretty abysmal this year.
3) I hate Brett Favre. Mainly, this is the reason. I didn't like him last year when he was doing great, and I sure as hell don't care for him now. And all my dream scenarios in which the Vikings won the Super Bowl involved Brett Favre going down and Tarvaris Jackson leading us to a come from behind victory. Not that I ever really expected this to happen, since Favre would probably try to play after amputating a leg... plus Jackson isn't really a good QB. But it was a nice thought.

But if there was ever a time where Favre would be yanked for Jackson, it would be this Sunday. He might just play terribly... throwing 3 picks in 10 throws, and Childress might decide that the injuries are bothering Favre to the point where taking him out of the game presents the team with their best chance to win. And then Jackson would come in. Hopefully for the rest of the season. And win or lose, it would be glorious.

Cause it would mean that the storied career of Brett Favre ended with him bruised, broken, in the center of a sexting scandal, and with him being bench in favor of TARVARIS F'N JACKSON. Seriously. For anyone who can't stand #4, this has to be the best way to go out.

(Although now that I think about it, the fact that the game takes place on Halloween makes me think Favre will make it through the entire game. Cause Brett Favre is pretty much a zombie. And it takes a whole lot to take down a zombie.)

Anyway: to recap. I hate a stupid shirt. A Vikings player needs to be sacrificed for the greater good (in order to help the team, placate my hopes and dreams, & make sure no one is spending money on that t-shirt). That player needs to be Favre.

This post is going to look super depressing when Favre finishes the season starting every game and helping the Vikings achieve a 6-10 record.
It's about 3 AM.

I have pretty much been playing games with my brothers all night, which has been enjoyable. They got the new wrestling game yesterday when I took them to Gamestop, and from what I've played it's actually kind of fun.

I mean, I suck at it. My brothers are way better. Except that I have developed one little expertise that gives me a shot in the dark at winning, and that is kicking out of pin attempts.

The way pins work in this game is that when you are covered for a pin, you have until 3 to kick out. So there's this meter that you have to stop inside the precise "kick out" area in order to get out of the pin attempt. Generally you have about three attempts to stop the meter before you lose. Also, once you take more damage, the meter becomes faster and the area that allows you to kick out shrinks. So, you know... you still have to be decent to win.

And I'm not. So essentially I have become the master at delaying the inevitable, and instead I absorb more punishment in the small hopes that I will either make a comeback or make a quick pin that catches my brothers off guard (which might have occurred 10% of the matches I played tonight), but HEY. At least it's something.

Anyway, I might still be playing the game were it not for the fact that I had a 30 minute match with my littlest brother, in which I was pretty much kicking out of everything. It was quite the epic, believe me. Realistically, I didn't really have a shot at winning it, but I kept slowly adding more damage to my brother in the hopes that I might get lucky. Aiding me was some guy who randomly interfered in the match and distracted the referee whenever my brother went for a pin for a good 5 minutes... to which my brother responded by using leverage on the ropes to give the pins an unfair advantage (cause... you know, what the hell).

So. Just as I was really starting to build up momentum, just as I was getting ready to hit my brother with some powerful moves and hopefully steal the victory... he knocks me down and pins me for the 1-2-3.

Well crap.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Guess who's sick.

I'll give you three guesses.


It's me.

I'm sorry I spoiled it for you.

So generally I don't feel great. And I'm trying to get ahold of Sara because I figure she'd be willing to commiserate with me and all, but I can't. Either because she's sleeping or because for some reason my phone calls sometimes don't reach her, with this instance being one of those times.

Also, I have to drive my brothers out to Gamestop soon because there's a midnight release for a game that they'd like to play. Not that I would normally mind this, but I'm feeling not so great... and the weather is supposed to suck tomorrow, so I can't bring them tomorrow like most people would probably do. Also, they never really did midnight releases when *I* was a kid. What the f, world.

I'm going to call Sara again. Maybe this time I'll get through.


Oh. As it turns out she wasn't answering her phone because she was driving. And I look like an annoying twat for calling multiple times.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

I f***** hate sports

1) The worst part of this game is that we lost by 4 points. Because it was on 3rd down that the Packer receiver bobbled the ball after landing inbounds for a TD, which meant that the Packers would have had to settle for 3 instead of 7. THEN, we get jobbed out of a Shaincoe TD (which was a make up call for a bad personal foul penalty on the Packers, but even if you're going to make f'n make up calls that one should have made up for the Packer "TD" anyways) and lose out on another 4 points. F***** referees...

2) The second that Packers receiver was ruled in for a TD, I was screaming for a challenge just because it looked like there was a chance he landed out of bounds (and if there's any chance it might be overruled when it means 3 points instead of 7, you f***** challenge it). But of course Childress wastes his time thinking about how he's going to piss people off by not going for a score at the end of the first half to actually challenge the damn play. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

3) Seriously, I hope pretty much every single ladyfriend Favre has had in the past comes out of the woodwork this week. And that they reveal he's been juicing for years and years. And that he owns a cockfighting league. And his ankle breaks in two.

Maybe the Timberwolves will win a few games this year...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've been having a lot of dreams recently about going back to school.

I'm not someone who really puts a lot of stock into the interpretation of dreams (since the large majority of my dreams are variants of me trying to buy some thing either really hard to find or something I've been wanting for a while, only to be interrupted by a meteor landing), but it's been kind of weird, because I usually can't recall what I dream about and this has happened at least a few times this week.

But I am kind of worried that--out of all the various types of dreams I'm having--this is one that is actually trying to tell me something.

It's not that I abhor school and all that it stands for... I just kind of got tired of the constant BS that surrounds it, and wanted to move on with life. And I've always assumed that a return to school would be sort of a last resort option, in the instance that I've failed in every single area and have nothing to turn towards.

Which--it's getting kind of close to that point, honestly.

I always thought the idea of college was so extremely daunting, that I'd have to decide on an entire future by the time I turned junior at a point where I had really no particular interests at all. Fast forward a few years, and that turned out very poorly, and I'm still stuck trying to figure out everything. So I guess school would be an option, but it didn't really work the last time in terms of laying out any sort of future...

I think the problem is that I just need to commit to something, even if it's not likely I'll succeed. Cause then everything would then be based on what I'm aiming towards. There would be a focus. Then if I wanted to head back to school, it would be because I know it would be beneficial, instead of seeking it out just because I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

I don't know why I'm writing about this. Something else entirely--watched the 30 Rock live episode tonight. Don't really understand why it had to have a live episode since it seems to be in direct opposition of the main ethos of the show (laugh tracks=less time for jokes), but it sort of worked if you saw it mainly as an episode of Saturday Night Live in sitcom form (which really wasn't hard to do since four former cast members appeared, plus Alec Baldwin... who might as well be one... also Julia Louis-Dreyfus was on the episode, and now I think about it was an SNL member *way* back in the day.... so, make that 5 or 6). I also haven't watched the 4th season of the show, so I felt a little bit out of the loop (who the f was the guy from Canada), but whatever.

I'm tired, and this site doesn't seem to be working completely, so I'm not sure this will go through...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick things about the Vikings game:

1) I love Randy Moss, so that touchdown to him was pretty much a thing of beauty to me. In fact, any time they threw it deep to him was just thrilling as hell, even though he had little chance on most of the passes... it's just nice to be reminded of how exciting he was way back in the day.
2) I hope the result of this whole sexting controversy is either the NFL dishes out a 12 game inappropriate conduct suspension, or he retires in order to concentrate on fixing his marriage or something. Cause Favre just pisses the s*** out of me.

I keep wanting to write about Sufjan Stevens' new album, but the problem is that I really can't help but only listen to the title track, which is suitably epic and crazy and exactly what I was hoping for when he released "You Are The Blood" for that charity release way back in the day.

Although Impossible Soul has autotune. That has that going for it.

And I think one song has lyrics about ghost-fingering, which is weird if I'm not mishearing (and of course I'm not.)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I wish I could watch this series...

I could really go for some of the self-loathing that everyone else is having.


The worst part is that since the Twins' payroll is sky high, you can't rely on the old "well, the big bad Yankees are just beating up on the little guys." Sure, the Yankees are pretty much single-handedly killing my enthusiasm for the sport, but they can't be used as scapegoats. The Twins are just weak-willed. The articles I've read and the quotes I've seen make me believe they think they've got no chance now, and that the Yankees are smelling blood...


So the Vikings got Randy Moss back...

Heck yeah.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Someone throw me a bone, please.

1) I had an interview on Friday. I wasn't trying to be super nervous about it, because that generally tends to hurt me in the actual interview, so I tried to downplay my chances and assume that I have nothing to lose and just be relaxed and all that.

Well, that all went sort of kaput. My car's battery died about an hour before my interview.

2) When I called the person I was interviewing with to tell her of my predicament, I told her I would call when I thought I'd be able to come in. So I finally got the car situation fixed, and told her that I'd be there in so-and-so minutes. Only problem is, the place was downtown somewhere, and the directions I got weren't the greatest. So I ended up driving around looking for this building until about a minute after I said I'd be there, when I gave up and asked for better directions. So not only was I late for the originally scheduled interview, but I was late for the rescheduled one as well. (Granted, this wasn't completely my fault, but you know.)

3) I bombed the interview, as I am prone to do.

I use a lot of filler words. It's a bad habit. I actively tried to avoid using them for this interview, and yet I still used them all the time. That probably colored my perception of the interview. Also, I'm always blindsided by one question where it's "give me an example of ________" and the blank is filled by something I haven't ever prepared for, and then on the spot give the worst possible example I could give.

4) My boss asked me if I could take on a few more hours the next week, since we're going to be shorthanded. I usually only want to work about 20, since it's a bit of a drive and I hate it there anyway, but I'm a nice person and I can't say no. Besides, I figure he's only going to schedule me for 25 hours or so. 25-28, something in that range.

Of course that's not what he does. He schedules me for 36 hours.

He has a very liberal definition of the word "few".

5) I just discovered that the Twins' first four games in the ALDS coincide with days and times in which I work, and that the games probably won't be shown on local TV. Which means I won't be able to have it on at work... and I'll just miss the entire series (most likely) all together.