Sunday, August 22, 2010

August 22nd:

-I'm sitting here before I have to go to work and my girlfriend is playing Super Mario Galaxy (not the new one, mind you--the first one that she still has yet to complete), and I have really nothing better to do than write, so here we go.

I've been trying to find some sort of direction for perhaps the past few months (years, decades...) and been failing miserably at doing so. I have also been trying to find some reasonable source of income for the past few months, and failing at that as well. Any other possible ventures I may have undertaken over the course of the past few months=probably haven't turned out terribly well either.

I'm assuming it all boils down to a lack of drive and a lack of confidence. It'd be super great if I could find a way to change all that, but it's kind of hard to do that without something giving you a sense of hope or purpose or whatever. I'm trying to enjoy things regardless, but sometimes everything seems to be such a downer.

I think one of the bigger problems is that I haven't just quit my job yet, which--despite the fact that it is money no matter how little money it is-- contributes absolutely zero to my self worth and has made me pretty much complacent in trying to find any other source of income. Not that I'm expecting to find anything that will contribute anything to my self worth or my wallet, but still... I think a clean slate might be--maybe not essential, but perhaps a good way to refocus and start feeling decent again.

-I'm contemplating selling items I find around thrift stores and sales online as a way to make a little bit of a profit, but I have absolutely no idea where I would begin. I figure something terrible would happen--maybe I'd have nothing sell, or I'd sell something and they somehow get broken from point A to point B, so... yeah.

-I have no idea where Sara ran off to...

-I had an amazing sandwich today. Not that it's terribly important or anything, but you know. Just so you can be jealous. And actually, I had pretty much the exact same sandwich last night as well... I was going to buy some bread at the store last night when I saw that there was a buy one get one free coupon for the bread I was going to get. It was a small victory for me.

And now I'm off to work... which is unfortunate because it means I will miss BRETT FAVRE'S FIRST PRESEASON GAME IN OVER A YEAR!

Or it means I'll miss the first place Twins increase their division lead by one. Or Mad Men. Or it means I'll miss not working in general, because I meant to request today off just because I hate working Sundays (only I accidentally requested Saturday off. Sigh.).

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is what I do most of the time...

I've got nothing better to do, so I'm going to write about stuff that I've found at thrift stores recently:

-My main course of action is usually to look for bobbleheads, and I believe my collection is up to about 40 as of right now. It's actually getting to the point where I'm running out of room to put them, since in my current state of living in between places (i.e. home) I just keep them over the fireplace, which has limited space and is already occupied by other stuff. Anyway, some of the bobbleheads I've found as of late, in order from psuedo-coolness to weird:

-Yoda and Boba Fett for about $0.90 apiece.
-Charles Barkley
-Mr. T
-WCW former world champion DDP.
-Bill Murray-except in a baseball uniform, playing for some random team named the Loggers. I saw that apparently the Saints gave this out as a giveaway, so I can only assume that this team is fictional, since it'd be pretty weird to give out something that acts as merchandise for other teams...
-A SpongeBob "bobblepants"... which I suppose is fitting.
-A drop of blood dressed up in a Phoenix Coyotes hockey jersey.

-ALSO, I've been finding myself in the habit of rebuilding my N64 collection (for I think the third time) when I saw a copy of FZero-X in a store and didn't buy it and then regretted it ever since (cause, you know... that game is ace). Since then, I've gotten Paper Mario, Goldeneye, 1080 Snowboarding and Rush 2: Extreme Racing.

I loved the Paper Mario games, but I never played the original one for whatever reason. (Just finished it last night, actually) I don't know. It's not the most challenging or deepest game in the history of mankind, but it's fun to play and it has a wicked sense of humor.

-AND... I just reset up my record player after having it sit around for a few months, and thus I've been also accumulating albums while out looking for bobbleheads. And I've found a lot of cool stuff: Surrealistic Pillow, The Cars' s/t, Neil Young's After The Gold Rush, Allman Brothers' Eat A Peach.

Unfortunately, I was about 1 minute from getting a $2 copy of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, as I saw it on top of stack of records that some employee had on her cart of stuff to put out. The thing is, the carts have specific instructions that you are not to shop off the carts, so I didn't want to just grab the record and risk getting in trouble. So I sort of semi-followed the employee, waiting for her to finally take it off the cart (which would be fair game and all), pretending to look at other stuff while really just trying to keep my eye on the record.

BUT THEN, I saw that SpongeBob thing and was EVER SO SLIGHTLY distracted by it when some jerkoff swiped it off the cart! What the heck? And the employee was all "oh, whatever!" Dammit! I had that!

I guess it's not a big deal that some people don't follow proper etiquette and stuff, but still... you know.

Oh well.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I was watching the Arcade Fire live webcast of their Madison Square Garden show the other day. A few thoughts popped into my mind:

-The show looked pretty much exactly like the show I went to: meaning, same stage set up, same moments happening during songs (i.e. Win going up to the rafters, some guy running around and bashing a drum during Rebellion)... all that jazz.

-Apparently the webcast was directed by Terry Gilliam, which meant... well, nothing. That he likes the band and had a day off to hang out with them, I guess.

-The band still has this aura of self-seriousness that I don't really like. I mean, it's great and all that people's aiming for the stars and trying to be the best in the world and crap. But when you have the opinion that they've reached short of that "best in the world" moniker and yet find them still clinging desperately to that goal, your reaction is going to be "...OK, that's... great?" I think a lot of it is thanks to the hype as well. I read that BBC was comparing their newest album to OK Computer, which seems like such a stupid thing to say and an immediate turn off to anything regarding the band or the album. So pretty much no one is helping.

All that said... their newest album isn't bad.

It's not a classic by any means, and there's a point in which it all begins to sound the same (which I think comes down to the fact that it seems less complex and yet much longer than their other two albums), but you know... it's not bad. After Neon Bible, which was basically them trying to CHANGE THE WORLD WITH MUSIC, they needed their next album to be something less overwhelming in concept.

And so I've been able to just tune out any sort of overarching theme to the album (I'm pretty sure it has to do with the suburbs... and the kids), ignore all the lyrics (which is what I usually like to do and yet found it impossible to do on their last album) and just listen to what's there. And musically, they're not aiming to conquer the world like their last album, but instead going for intricate and atmospheric--sort of like Funeral, except without the killer songwriting. I've only given it a couple of spins, so I'm not really super familiar with all the songs, but here's a few that stand out:

City With No Children: I read somewhere that it sounds a bit like the Rolling Stones, which seems really weird but it's kind of true. But I don't know how to explain it... the song sounds sort of off. I'm explaining this as a good thing, you know.

Month Of May: I think everyone hates Month Of May, but I don't. Mainly because it's pretty much the only song on the album that's somewhat uptempo... which is a REALLY nice change of pace.

We Used To Wait: It has this killer beginning with a fantastic melody, and given the band's track record you'd expect it to develop into this epic crescendo like Wake Up or something. It doesn't... which saddens me for a bit, but it's probably for the better that it just builds its unsettling mood.

The Sprawl (Mountains Beyond Mountains): The obvious standout. It's the band stepping out of their comfort zone and tackling disco of all things-and yet it works magnificently.

I think I might have to help my girlfriend with Super Mario Galaxy here, so I guess I'm cutting things short, but in essence: it's not perfect, but it's a grower. And I'm totally fine with that.