Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Serious Man

This is pretty amazing, is it not?

I mean, the movie *could* theoretically blow and everything. But since this is the Coen brothers, and since the trailer is so amazingly well done, and since it's somewhat autobiographical (and I have a hard time imagining they could screw up something they've known for years), and since it looks to be a return to the Miller's Crossing/Barton Fink form (judging by the colors and the dark comic elements of the trailer), I'm going to wager that this has to be one of my more anticipated films.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

F'n library website...

OK. So I'm trying to log in to the St. Paul Library website so I can renew the DVDs I got from there that I haven't watched (Day For Night and Bride of Frankenstein, for the record). I got my library card from the place about a week ago. It asks me for a PIN number. I thought I know it. Apparently I don't. I go through the whole "I forgot my PIN number!!" process, submit my name and card number in order to get an email, read that email and click on the link to change the PIN number, complete that step, and get a confirmation message that indeed, everything is well.

I try to log in again, this time armed with the knowledge of the ever-so-essential PIN number, which will unlock the code and bring forth a multitude of treasures and delights.

It gives me the same message, that the information provided is invalid. I reset my password again, get the same message. Something is obviously wrong.

It can't be the library code number, since it's on a friggin' card right in front of me and I have entered it in about 72 times (thus reducing the likelihood that I accidentally entered in the wrong number every single time to a very slim margin). And it can't be the PIN number, because it asks me to reenter the PIN number when I am changing it, and thus the chances of me accidentally entering in the wrong (yet same) number each time--pretty small.

This reduces the problem down to two scenarios--the first one being that the website BLOWS LIKE NO OTHER WEBSITE HAS BLOWN BEFORE and cannot comprehend why anyone would be trying to do something silly like renew checked out items.

The second scenario is that my name is wrong--that I am not who I thought I was, that I have been living out a lie the last 22 years, that I have a different name than what I was led to believe--and that the library somehow knows this, and has chosen to reveal this to me through the guise of a malfunctioning website.

You would think that I'd be leaning towards believing the first scenario, but come on... you can't be that bloody incompetent on accident, can you?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New stuff from Flaming Lips/Muse

I haven't really been on top of upcoming releases as I have been in the past. Basically, all I know is that The Flaming Lips are coming out with Embryonic, and The National might have an album out this year. Otherwise, I've been listening to P-Funk the past few months and could care less about anything coming out soon. (I feel bad for liking P-Funk as much as I do, for the record... not because I think it's sorta bad, but because I'm not worthy enough for it. I feel like it should compel me to "groove and funk" (and all those other words that as a totally white guy feels awkward to say), but mainly I just enjoy the immense creativity and balls out craziness. Anyway. I digress.)

But hey! Flaming Lips! New stuff! Coming out soon! Exciting, right? Well, considering their last album had approximately 2 songs I cared for, it's more of a cautious anticipation than anything. But yeah. They posted two new songs on their Myspace.

It seems to me (based on these two songs) that they are going to a weird-experimental sound rather than the cuddly-quirk of the last two albums. Which is welcome, of course, although "Convinced Of The Hex" didn't really grab me, since it seems like there's nothing interesting going on other than the general chaotic mix of sounds. And "Silver Trembling Hands" is getting a lot of love (from what I've seen), but to me the only thing holding it together is the Krautrock-esque rhythm, and everything else seems... forced. I don't know. Even if I'm not a huge fan of the two selections, they still give me a sense that they're going in a direction I might approve of, so that's good. Also, it's apparently a double album, so *something* has to work for me.

More more exciting for me is the song that Muse has released from their upcoming album, even though the general consensus seems to be that it's a less-than-inspired ripoff of Queen. The song is operatic and bombastic (which I guess invites the Queen comparisons, even though I really don't like Queen), but I don't know... I like it. I think the key to enjoying Muse is firmly believing that they are supposed to be completely over-the-top ridiculous, and enjoying them for accomplishing that with flying neon colors.

But what do I know.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

... hey.

Hello folks.

Bit more of a break than I was expecting, but you know... these things happen? I guess I do want to justify the break a little bit, so here's my best go at it:

1) Had a bit of a health scare (I'm completely fine) that pretty much made me lazy and complacent for a while.
2) I'm not employed... which makes one lazy and complacent after a while, as I'm doing pretty much nothing day in day out. Which you would think would allow me to do more... well it doesn't.
3) ... I'm lazy and complacent.

So there you go.

Anyway, I think I'm going to continue updating and everything now that I have gotten over the proverbial hump of not doing anything for so long. So I think I should be good. As for this go around, though... how about we see what's in the news?

Looks like the Emmy Awards have been announced...

Wait... what?

*reads that Family Guy has been nominated for "best comedy series"*





*goes back into seclusion*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It is Wednesday...

You know what I'm not a huge fan of?

Excessive narration.

I was watching Goodfellas yesterday, and although I enjoyed more than I did the last time I saw it (well, I enjoyed the second half a lot...), the first half was marred by Ray Liotta ALWAYS STATING THE OBVIOUS. See a scene with him enjoying his time performing duties for the mob, then immediately you hear tell you "being a gangster was great!" See him uninterested in his date, immediately hear him say "I wasn't really interested in my date last night." And his wife even gets on the narration action (which is sort of jarring after Liotta essentially narrating nonstop for 30 minutes), and even she does the same. Watch as Liotta reveals to her he's in nefarious activities by giving her a gun to hide, to which she starts to place her fingers around the gun, immediately she says "most ladies would be scared of this, but not me!"

These are examples off the top of my head (as in, they might not have actually occurred), but you get the idea. I don't know. I find it silly to essentially state the same thing twice, which is what the narration was doing in response to what was going on in the movie. See, the second half works a lot better, mainly because the narration isn't constant, and for the most part it seems warranted in moving the plot of the movie along.

In terms of Scorsese, I'd say that the top 5 looks like this:
1)Raging Bull
2)Taxi Driver
3)The King Of Comedy
4)The Last Temptation Of Christ
5)The Last Waltz (shut it)

I need to rewatch Mean Streets some time, and I still need to see Casino and other of his minor stuff.

Anyway... basically I am here to write that I probably won't be updating this for a while.

I'm going to WISCONSIN(!!!) for the 4th of July weekend, and then I might be going home after that... either that or accompanying my family to uncharted territories where internet doesn't exist. So I might not be able to find much time to write anything.

Not that it matters, since I don't have much to say anyway. Seriously, my routine has been waking up at noon and then dicking around for the rest of the day. It's fun, but kinda boring. And it's going to suck once the money runs out.